Large Patio Umbrellas

The Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas are now available in the USA!

For almost twenty years Uhlmann Sonnenschirme e.K. manufactures Large Commercial Umbrellas and Giant Umbrellas that represent German engineering at its best. All Uhlmann umbrellas are "made to order" at the company's manufacturing plant in Uttenweiler, Germany. No processes are "farmed out" to save money on cheaper labor cost. Having all processes in-house allows close quality control over every step of the production, which is partially responsible for the superior quality of the Uhlmann Umbrellas. Stylish design, precision engineering, superior workmanship combined with the highest quality materials available are responsible for their popularity.


Why Uhlmann?

Largest selection of sizes - We have over 100 standard sizes that fit most locations. We also make umbrellas on request for "hard to fit" places.

StrongWind Umbrellas - In a TUV supervised wind tunnel test our StrongWind Umbrellas far exceeded the 60 mph sustained wind velocity.

Dependable Operation - Vastly improved gear boxes with gears that don't bend or break, built into the mast.

Easy Service - Modular design allows repairs on site with the most basic tools and knowledge at a minimum cost.

Durability - Our frames are warranted for 5 years, but they easily last twice as long under normal operation and care.

Assurance - All of our umbrellas are manufactured in Germany.

Excellent Support - We are always available to answer questions and provide solutions.

Large Commercial Umbrellas - Market Leaders in Quality and Value°

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