Giant Umbrellas by Uhlmann
Uhlmann Umbrellas - The Canopy

The canopy of an umbrella catches the eye with its color and shape, it shows off the quality of material it is made of, and reflects on the quality of workmanship by its manufacturer. The elegant design, highest quality fabric and the attention to the smallest details make the Uhlmann Umbrellas immediately recognizable.

Made from Sunacryl™ or Airtex™ fabrics in over 100 attractive colors, they are designed to match and complement any settings. Both materials have excellent fabric characteristics. The fabric will not stretch or shrink, have excellent resistance to wind tear-outs, repel dirt and resist fading. They are moisture resistant, but "breath" to provide extra cooling effect.

Available with or without valances.

European Classic Umbrella - Canopy
European Classic Umbrella - Canopy Fabric in over hundred colors
European Classic Umbrella - Canopy being opened
European Classic Umbrella - Canopy being opened

Sunacryl™ (or Sunbrella) material is a strong awning and marine grade material, 100% solution dyed Sunacrylic fabric in 22 standard and 50 plus specialty colors. Eleven fire retardant colors are also available.

Airtex™ fabric is Acrylic/Teflon on top side, a lighter weight material in 28 standard color.

Both fabrics are highly printable and the canopies offer a great advertising space. Roof segments or valances of the Uhlmann Large Commercial Umbrellas can be printed with logos , text or any design that helps branding or differentiate a business from its competition.

Large Commercial Umbrellas - Market Leaders in Quality and Value°

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