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Uhlmann Umbrellas - The Frame

The frame of all Uhlmann Umbrellas are made from the highest grade extruded aluminium and is powder coated. The construction of the frame is solid, its strength and flexibility is the result of the large diameter and wall thickness of the mast and its reinforced joints.

The frame design is modular, all arms are individually and easily removable with the simplest tools. The dependable gear box (with lifetime lubrication) is built into the mast. The mast is complemented by strong arms that are also reinforced.

The Classic and smaller StrongWind umbrellas are manufactured with 8 arms, while the Large Commercial Umbrellas (larger StrongWind and Giant) are made with 10 or 12 arms, depending on their shape.

The standard white powder coating on the aluminum frame resists peeling, chipping, rusting and oxidation and keeps the frame maintenance free and permanently appealing. In addition to all available RAL colors, "life like" wood and marble finishes are also offered.

While wood looks pleasing to the eye it is not a good material for a mast that is exposed to the elements. Aluminium, while looks "cold" and without character has many advantages. It is weather proof, light weight and very durable.

Aluminium that looks like wood? Combining beauty and practicality, Uhlmann Umbrellas unite the advantages of both materials. The mast has the strength and longevity of aluminium while it looks like wood!

The special coloring technique requires 8 layers of coating applied by hand and burned on one by one, but the result is exquisite. The most popular colors are Pine, two shades of Oak and the elegant Mahogany.

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