Classic European Umbrella by Uhlmann
Installation Methods for the Uhlmann Umbrellas

When it comes to installation of an umbrella, safety is the primary concern. For the Uhlmann Umbrellas detailed site planning and installation instructions are provided that should be followed to avoid damage to the umbrellas or other property, or injury to self and others. Two types of permanent installation is offered for large commercial umbrellas and giant umbrellas, and a third type for smaller Classic umbrellas

In-ground sleeve installation is the safest method of permanent installation on locations where pouring a concrete base is possible. Our upper and lower sleeves are galvanized steel. The upper sleeve can be powder coated to match the color of the mast.

Base-plate installation is applicable over a hard surface such as tile, hardwood deck, brick or pavers where there is a good quality concrete base of at least 4 inches under the hard surface.

A portable base is recommended for wind protected locations, and for locations where the existing surface can not be disturbed. Our portable bases are fully galvanized welded steel with corner adjustment to eliminate ground un-evenness. Castor wheels are available for small umbrellas.

Large Commercial Umbrellas
Large Commercial Umbrellas - In-Ground and Upper Sleeve
Large Commercial Umbrellas - Base-Plate Installation Parts
Large Commercial Umbrellas - Portable Stand

Site planning for permanent installations includes careful consideration for immediate requirements as well as requirements for possible expansion in the future.

The location of the in-ground assembly must be selected such way that it will allow 8 inches distance between the edge of open umbrella and any obstacle such as bar counter, grill, serving island, rail or fences, or open edges of other umbrellas.

When an in-ground sleeve with hinges is involved for large commercial or giant umbrellas, the hinge should fold down in opposite direction from a building or any other obstacle.

For portable installation it is strongly recommended to use the factory recommended counter weight without exception.

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