Lighted Large Patio Umbrella
Accessories for Uhlmann Umbrellas - Lights

A warm light provides ambience that most people appreciate. For a restaurant or cafe, their outdoor facilities are not complete without a lighted space where people can linger past the twilight hours.

Lights are available on the Uhlmann umbrellas for the passed 15 years. They are one of the most popular optional items on all size umbrellas. The energy saving OSRAM light fixtures used by Uhlmann are very cost efficient with a long service life. All OSRAM light fixtures are insulated against dust, dampness and water splashes.

The light fixtures for the Classic and StrongWind umbrellas are mounted on the mast, for the Giant umbrellas they are mounted on the roof arms. Customers install rope lights on the supporting arms. Factory installed LED lights will be available soon.

Large Patio Umbrellas - Lights
Large Patio Umbrellas - Lights on Mast
Large Patio Umbrellas - LED Lights
Large Patio Umbrellas - Lights on Roof Arms

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