Large Commercial Umbrellas - Mechanics
Uhlmann Umbrellas - The Mechanisms

All Uhlmann Umbrellas are telescopic. Two types of mechanisms are used on the different models. The Type T, Tx and StrongWind models operate with a fixed hub. Roof arms are attached to the telescopic plate and the supporting arms are mounted to the mast plate.The mast plate is welded to the mast.

The types TL and TLx Giant Umbrellas operate with a slider hub. The roof arms are mounted to the mast plate and the supporting arms are bolted to the slider plate. The slider is connected to the telescope with two stainless steel wires.

A seven arm telescopic technology employed for the cantilever umbrellas.

Telescopic Umbrellas - Fixed Hub Mechanism
Telescopic Umbrellas - Slider Mechanism - Slider Hub
Cantilever Umbrellas - Mechanism Detail
Telescopic Umbrellas - Driving Mechanism

The maintenance free gear box (with life-time lubrication) is built into the mast for all Uhlmann Umbrellas. The gears are specially treated to withstand maximum torque The spindle lift runs in a closed tube, preventing corrosion and providing smooth operation.

The drive crank handle locks the spindles automatically in every opening/closing position, to prevent accidental opening or closing of the umbrella. The cranking handle is removable for aesthetic and safety reasons.

Most umbrellas open and close above table levels. All umbrellas (including largest) are easy and safe to operate.

All center post umbrellas can be pre-wired for up to 4 light fixtures and 4 infrared heaters. All wiring is installed inside the mast.

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